Aspen Ramsdell

Meet Aspen Ramsdell - Voyage LA Magazine

"As a little girl, if someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would answer, “President of the United States”. As laughs followed, I would simply say “watch me”. I have always had a certain fire inside of me that has made me reach for the stars."

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CSULB’s Film and Electronic Arts Department continues success at CSU Media Arts Festival

“I feel like our film department is very close in many ways, and there’s a lot of people willing to work on not just their own stories but other people’s too,” said recent film graduate Aspen Ramsdell.

Ramsdell’s film, “Mood,” won 4th place in narrative in this year’s festival. The plotline to her project, which she wrote and directed, focuses on a group of teenagers seeking the truth behind a new device that is able to detect their actual feelings. The film’s message: social media’s detrimental effects on human interaction...

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